Patriarchy getting on your wick? Come to the matriarchal superstate

Imagine our world starting from zero.

Imagine our world not built on thousands of years of patriarchy.

Imagine the matriarchal superstate.

It’s the opposite of incremental change. It’s about challenging our deeply held assumptions, institutions and physical, psychological and domestic structures.

So… in the matriarchal superstate:

  • What would work be like? Would we have jobs?
  • What would our bodies be like in a non-binary world?
  • Towns designed by women: would we live in houses?
  • Sport: would football exist?
  • Nuclear families or kith and kin?
  • Clothes: what would we love to wear?
  • Would we still get depressed?
  • Leisure and pleasure: what would we do for kicks?
  • Patriarchs, passports: would there be borders?
  • Mean girls: high school in the matriarchal superstate

It’s not about how we deal with Trump, the gender pay gap and violence against women. Because in the superstate:

  • Trump would be no more than a farm boy on an organic collective in Oklahoma. (Although note, although the matriarchal superstate would surely be borderless it would also not colonise. Maybe the Trumps of yore would have remained in Germany [or Scotland, if we’re being matrilineal]?)
  • The pay gap would be meaningless. What sort of psychopaths came up with a system where women and men expend their lives sweating against each other to gain stuff to competitively exchange for other stuff? Psychopathic patriarchs, that’s who. In the matriarchal superstate I imagine we work on projects for which there’s a collective or individual need or desire. We’re a mixture of hipster-style-homeworkers or organic collectives depending on our sociability, interests and skills.
  • Violence: I’ve got to assume that the violence that comes from ‘nurture’ by which I mean learnt behaviours and fear and hatred of women fostered by culture and society is no longer integral to our world. I guess we’ll still have psychopaths but I hope that our no doubt advanced psychology and technology will bring advanced ability to prevent psychopathic violence.

The best and worst aspect of the matriarchal superstate is that if you don’t like my version of it yours is just as valid. 

Because it’s not like we’re getting there anytime soon.

But maybe if we imagine what it could be like, it will help us to see and destroy the institutions, norms and behaviours that are keeping us so very firmly in our place in patriarchy.

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