Diana Harrison is a matriarch, feminist and ex trade union editor.

Currently having chemotherapy, writing poems about her mastectomy, campaigning for a bra for post-mastectomy amazons and building the matriarchal superstate.

Jane Briginshaw is a public policy leader and advisor to local authorities, specialising in housing sustainability policy and regulation in government departments and agencies, championing quality and sustainability with a focus on resident, community and pupil leadership.

Her consultancy, Design England, is making the case for housing projects run exclusively by women and has set up a Crowdfunding project, Design for Communities, to support community projects that improve access to good design in the built environment.

Jane imagines the matriarchal superstate with connective spaces at the heart of every place: we’ll marvel at a few sad commemorative office towers shaped like gherkins or cheese graters to remind us of the rule of the penis.

Laura Harrison is a mother, sister, aunt, consultant and writer.  She has worked for large consultancies, as an HR director in a global insurance company and the strategy director of the CIPD. Laura has written and commented on the world of work for trade and national media and is the co-founder of the Human Change Agency, a consultancy that helps businesses and organisations go through change without losing their focus on the wellbeing and needs of their staff.

Laura believes that the matriarchal superstate already exists.  It is a state of mind and a state of being that rejects a notion of equality that is fighting for what men already have.  She believes that women, and the best of men,  should be leading towards a different future, of different institutions, organisations and politics, untarnished by the toxic male leadership that has, and is, reeking such devastation on our planet, organisations and communities.

Kate Webster is a polymath and playwrite who has had work staged at Theatre503, Southwark Playhouse and the Arcola Theatre over the past year, as well as writing her first audio drama “Devil’s Rock” for Big Finish Productions. In 2016 she was longlisted for The Old Vic 12 scheme and was one of the six writers of Fun Palaces’ Write Science pieces; she was also commissioned to write two site-specific plays for the MAZE festival with SheerDrop Theatre. In 2015, she was shortlisted for the Euroscript Story competition and was a finalist in the RED Women Theatre Awards, who staged a rehearsed reading of her work at Greenwich Theatre.

She believes the matriarchal superstate would save a lot of time: the time spent talking about our under-representation in various fields could be spent on doing, making and running everything better.

Saima Mir

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